How many good men do you know? And how many bad?

Mums, I want to know your story. Are you happy? Does the man in your life treat you and your children the way he should? I am only asking because throughout my whole life I have come across nasty, selfish, greedy men. And so have my friends.

One friend has even given up trying to find a decent man and settled for man’s best friend, his blinking dog. You have to giggle, ladies! Sitting in the school canteen yesterday my friend mentioned the film Made in Dagenham. I have not seen this film but it sounds good. She was saying that women were fighting then for equal pay and that is back in the 60s. So why do men think they can walk all over us? Because we let them! Men have told me this. Even my brother laughs at the way men get away with cheating and doing what they want.

Don’t get me wrong there are some good men. My Step Dad is one of them and deserves a ‘Father of the year’ award for looking after my Mum all these years. If you have not read my blogs, my poor Mum suffers from a serious mental health problem which was caused by men. My sister is also ill because of men. And I just think to myself it is time for us women to stand up to these bullies and force change. For example, I cannot stand the Sun newspaper with its degrading page 3. This is a great way for men to degrade us and keep us in the gutter. And the TV and Media is everything but family values.

Some men treat us like slaves. And I have had enough! I would like to tell the Council and the Government I am not happy with my job description compared to a man. My boss who has had to study hard and take exams to be a cook, is no Grave digger. And if her job description is Grave digger I must be a blinking worm. (No disrespect to Grave Diggers as anyone that works deserves a decent salary.)

Here is to blogging our way to freedom! It is 2.46 am in the morning and as usual my Asthma is playing up and all I can think of is “I have had enough of the man-run Government and men in my life!” I want real family values where our children and Mothers are respected and given the help and support we deserve.

Too many people say they cannot help, when they can. I will never rely on a man because all they do is let you down, I have to be independent financially because of the mess they get you in! For all you women out there who have suffered the same way, remember “Mums as a team can change the world.”

I believe in London Mums because they have a heart! Some Mums’ Groups pretend they are team players, but really they are just in it for the money. Thank goodness for Google as London Mums have given my little girl and I hope for a better future.

I will leave you with a funny video I made when I was so sick and tired of telling my partner to put his damn washing in the basket.

Blog away Mums as it is good to talk, talking creates change!

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