Feel-good books for children

Here is a selection of lovely books for children that parents will find entertaining and quite unique.

Pets in Pants [Paperback]

Children as well as adults giggle when it comes to pants’ jokes and chats. Well, not surprisingly it is very funny seeing all these cats, dogs or goldfish wearing colourful underwear in secret. This book is truly pants-tastic and very well illustrated by Omri Stephenson, a prolific illustrator, designer and author who lives and works in London.

It’s fun to turn the pages to find the craziest pets in the weirdest, wackiest most wonderful underwear ever seen!
Published on 10 Dec 2012 by Indepenpress Publishing Ltd. There is also an app for this book. I haven’t tested it but from the reviews I read it seems to be an interactive version of the book.

Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory

Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle is author’s Sarahjane Funnell debut book, a magical story featuring Phillipa and her cat and their exciting adventure to the land of ice cream.

It’s a very pinky and girly book.
A deliciously exciting story featuring a little
girl named Phillipa who, along with the powers of her ice cream eating tiara and
with her trusty fluffy white cat by her side, enters a magical world with a castle full
of ice cream. Printable colouring-in pages are also available via the website and make great instore
children’s activities www.phillipaknickerbockerglory.co.uk.

Pinksie the whale (for adventurers only)

This inspirational story began when Mum Bea, diagnosed with breast cancer just after three other Mums’ struggle with the same disease, made a decision that something good had to come out of her experience. She has now brought together a fantastic team of London women engaged in writing their first book Pinksie the whale. All proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to the Louis Dundas Centre and will go towards hiring a Pain Relief Specialist. The Centre takes an active approach towards the care of children with life-limiting and life-threatening illness. Great Ormond Street Hospital are supporting this campaign.

The book “Pinksie the Whale” is a tale of a delightful voyage of self-discovery in which Pinksie, a blue whale, overcomes her fears of being different when her skin turns as pink as strawberry icing on a cupcake. Pinksie journeys across the oceans and encounters, Booby, a blue-footed seabird, Armando, a red-breasted Frigate bird and a host of other real and fantastic creatures that show her that difference should be celebrated and not hidden.
Honeywell Primary school has chosen Pinksie The Whale as the inspiration for their Anti-Bullying week campaign.

In the forthcoming Spring term the project will extend to all school children 4-11, inspired by the story of Pinksie the whale. With the help of visiting artists the kids will create their own artwork to be then presented at the Royal College of Art on 18th July 2013 where a charity Gala evening auction will take place. All revenues from the auction will be shared by Louis Dundas Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and the three participating schools.
This is a story about how you can never underestimate the power of Mums who seek to bring about positive change when things may not be going so well!

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