Exclusive Moshi Monsters NEW series 9: Character #7 unveiled – Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

Are you ready for another new Moshling? London Mums are happy to exclusively reveal character number 7 of the new Moshi Monsters Series 9. Kids will love this. It looks like a Lego Moshi 🙂


Name and Species

Tumbles the Nifty Shifty

Personality: Erratic, exuberant, daring.

Mini Bio

Able to change shape thanks to the strange swivelling cubes that make up their colourful bodies, these puzzle-loving Moshlings enjoy leaping off tall walls and landing on top of each other. Experts are not sure why but it sure looks like fun!

Habitat: Nifty Shifties live huddled together in Tumbledown Trench, an area just beyond the Puzzle Palace.

Likes: Tumbling into space and balalaika music.

Dislikes: Apple pie and the law of universal gravitation.

Rank: 155

Rarity: Common

moshi monsters series 9 tumbles

For more Moshi Monsters curiosities and stories just check this link https://londonmumsmagazine.com/?s=moshi+monsters

Watch this space! More Moshi Monsters will be revealed in the next few days.

Tell us the name of your favourite Moshling character.

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