Exclusive Moshi Monsters NEW series 9: Character #5 unveiled – Twaddle the Waddling Floffle

So what’s your favourite Moshi Monsters character from new series 9? Here is the 5th Moshling revealed here for you and your kids. Send us your initial feedback.


Name and Species

Twaddle the Waddling Floffle

Personality: Frivolous, sappy, soppy.

Mini Bio

No, it’s not a fat bat, it’s a Waddling Floffle! Famed for their sap-slurping exploits, these beanstalk-bothering Moshlings will do anything for a sip of sap, especially if it’s enchanted because it helps their titchy wings lift their tubby bodies off the ground. But not for long. Thump!

Habitat: You might see one fluttering around an enchanted beanstalk but most Waddling Floffles fall from the sky. Don’t ask why!

Likes: Enchanted sap and barbecued ladybird wings.

Dislikes: Greenfly and the rising cost of biscuits.

Rank: 157

Rarity: Common

Twaddle the Waddling Floffle

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Watch this space! More Moshi Monsters will be revealed in the next few days.

Tell us the name of your favourite Moshling character.

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