Exclusive Moshi Monsters NEW series 9: Character #4 unveiled

Check character number 4 of the new Moshi Monsters Series 9 which will be launched on Valentine Day. Here is the fourth sweet Moshling for you and your kids to enjoy!


Name and Species

Toots the Boogie-Woogie Bugle

Personality: Jolly, jazzy, snazzy.

Mini Bio

In one ear, out the other? Totally, because Boogie-Woogie Bugles repeat everything they hear. But not with words, with little toots from their trumpety heads. Thankfully it’s not too annoying because these ultra-hip Moshlings can parp into their hats, which act as jazzy mutes.

Habitat: Windypop Place, although you’ll often catch Boogie-Woogie Bugles gigging in the Purple Banana Jazz Club.

Likes: Satchels and brass polish.

Dislikes: Cigars and earbuds.

Rank: 151

Rarity: Uncommon

moshi monsters series 9 character toots

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Watch this space! More Moshi Monsters will be revealed in the next few days.

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