Exclusive Moshi Monsters NEW series 9: Character #2 unveiled – Cleetus the Seal with a Reel

Intrigued by the new campaign run with Moshi Monsters to unveil Series 9 characters? Here is the second one for you. Enjoy!

moshi monsters series 9 character cleetus

Name and Species

Cleetus the Seal with a Reel

Personality: Simple, deluded, talkative.

Mini Bio

If you’re looking for a Seal with a Reel don’t bother heading to Potion Ocean, or even Croak Creek, because these crazy Moshlings are afraid of water. So what’s with the reel? Well, Seals with Reels just love hooking rusty hubcaps onto their fishing lines and pretending they are flying saucers. Woooo!

Habitat: You will usually find a few Seals with Reels barking on the rocks of the dried-up riverbed running through Whoop ‘n’ Holler Valley.


Likes: Chewing fishpaste and conspiracy theories.

Dislikes: Navy Seals and fancy pants.

Rank: 161

Rarity: Common

For more Moshi Monsters curiosities and stories just check this link https://londonmumsmagazine.com/?s=moshi+monsters

Watch this space! More Moshi Monsters will be revealed in the next few weeks.

Tell us the name of your favourite Moshling character.

I have a soft spot for Little Ben (which is a mini version of Big Ben). Ok now I have said it …. 🙂

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