Exclusive Moshi Monsters NEW series 9: Character #14 unveiled – Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef

London Mums are revealing today Moshi Monsters Prof Heff of new Series 9 characters. Do you and your kids like him?

profheff Moshi monsters series 9 card

Name and Species

Prof. Heff the Molecular Chef

Personality: Bumbling, ingenious, experimental.

Mini Bio

Looking for a simple snack? Forget asking a Molecular Chef because these science-obsessed Moshlings love over-complicating their cooking. In fact they won’t even poach a gooberry unless it’s boiled under strict laboratory conditions. Then again, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried their Slug Porridge with Vaporised Oobla Doobla. Mmm, slimy!

Habitat: In research facilities just off Heston Highway near Gastro Gulch.

Likes: Foraging for fluffles and dissecting gooberries.

Dislikes: Dirty surfaces and fast food.

Rank: 159

Rarity: Uncommon

prof heff moshi monsters series 9 figure

For more Moshi Monsters curiosities and stories just check this link https://londonmumsmagazine.com/?s=moshi+monsters

Watch this space! More Moshi Monsters will be revealed in the next few days.

Tell us the name of your favourite Moshling character.

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