Excessive multi tasking or mega busy Brits? EIGHT IN TEN (78%) BUSY BRITS MULTITASK WHILE WATCHING TV

I was not surprised to read the results of a study recently undertaken by BT showing that eight in ten (78%) multitasking while while watching TV.

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Only a fifth (22%) of people settle down to the TV without interruption, reinforcing the rising ‘media meshing’ trend apparent in households today A recent study TV examined Britain’s viewing habits, and has proved that we are a nation that cannot sit still. Eight in ten people are distracted by other forms of entertainment and everyday tasks such as responding to emails, reading, internet shopping and online dating.

Challenging some stereotypes around gender related habits, more women (29%) than men (20%) admitted to gaming whilst watching TV, with 13% of men claiming to do the ironing while watching the box.

Nearly half the nation (47%) check emails while watching their favourite shows, with a quarter (24%) of 18-24 year olds checking work emails, ranking as the hardest working group of all.

The research has uncovered a nation of super savvy viewers, whose busy lives eat in to ‘TV time’, enforcing the need for flexible TV scheduling. Over half (51%) of respondents admitted that they don’t have a specific time set aside to watch TV, with one in ten favouring pre-recorded content over live TV, recording the majority (90%) of their total viewing. Over 65s record nearly a third (30%) of their programming to watch at a later date, which is only 6% less than the 18–24 age group.

The study also found that 65% of women prefer drama programming, compared to 50% of men, 38% of women prefer soap operas compared to just 18% of men. Typically, more men (33%) prefer sci-fi shows compared to women (22%). No surprise there in my view, but it just confirms some typical stereotypes about male and female tastes.

What do you prefer watching on TV (if you ever have time)?

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