Do controversy and sex really sell more products?

Consumers are either too knowledgeable or too confused these days with such an overloaded of info available on the internet and social media and this consequently forces marketeers to produce more and more controversial and transgressive advertising desperate to capture their attention.

Look at Lady Gaga’s new advert to promote her fragrance Fame, for instance. The advert (both used in print and on TV) shows a completely nude Lady Gaga barely covered by strategically placed tiny men crawling all over her body.

The advert could have been very gracious and tasteful with Gaga posing nude but it looks very creepy indeed.

Mums are an important group of consumers and usually set the trends so I am interested in finding out what you think about it.

Would you buy Lady Gaga’s new fragrance?

What do you think of her new ad? Please leave your comments below!

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