Everything on Top of You…Literally? Then it’s Time to De-clutter during National De-clutter Week 7-18 March 2012

Who doesn’t remember the TOSS/TAKE scene from Sex & the City? Well, that’s the best way of decluttering your wardrobe and your home. The annual spring clean comes early this year with National De-clutter Week beginning on 7th March 2012. Check some other tips to declutter this spring.

Recent research confirmed we’re a nation of clutter-a-holics using phrases like cluttered, overflowing and can’t swing a cat regularly to describe our homes today. We’re unable to throw out our keepsakes and treasured nik-naks but equally, we can’t keep them, as space in our homes becomes limited and all the more precious.

So, National De-clutter Week offers the perfect opportunity to finally fulfil that promise of cleaning out and tidying up that spare room, shed or loft and find a better, more practical use for the space.

Here are some top tips from Access Self Storage’s De-clutter Expert, Kevin Pratt in time for National De-clutter Week:

1. Identify the place/s in your home that cause you the most stress. Imagine how you’d like to see your space and write it down before visualising that space organised and mess free.

2. If de-cluttering an entire room, start from the corner and work your way in. Don’t start at random points and get confused. Take each step slowly and make piles for keeping and throwing. .

3. Create a “maybe” pile and if the words “I may need it one day” goes through your mind- lend it to a friend or family member. If forgotten about after six months, chances are…you didn’t need it!

4. TAKE BREAKS! Every hour, sit down, make a cuppa and de-wind. Items you threw out half an hour ago might suddenly be your favourite possession BUT after de-winding for 15 minutes, you may feel differently.

5. Follow the fortnight rule- if something has been out for a fortnight and not used, put it away or throw it out!

6. Organise clothes by season and pack summer or winter clothes away now. If you have room under the bed or sofa- this is an ideal storage solution. If your space simply won’t hold your favourite clothes, self-storage can mean your very own walk in wardrobe!

7. Don’t be too ruthless and throw away items that you may regret. Keep a “maybe” pile for a certain time so you can salvage any rash decisions.

8. In future, opt for dual-purpose furniture that doubles up as storage, a trunk makes an ideal coffee table, and a bed with draws underneath is great for storing linen.

9. Look at what items you can donate to charity instead of them being thrown in the bin. It can create a calm mind and body.

10. De-cluttering doesn’t have to be a chore! Get your friends over for a de-clutter session and a chinwag. It also helps to have another mind on the job to make you see sense!

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