Can National Lottery Funding really help kids’ sport future?

I always wondered where the national lottery money funding goes and got interested in this issue after watching the recent ad (check video below) with the girl who becomes a successful athlete thanks to this funding.

Then I researched and found out that Camelot, the operator of The National Lottery, mention in its mission statement its ‘commitment’ to maximising returns to National Lottery Good Causes in a socially-responsible way.

Quite interestingly, Camelot runs the most cost-efficient lottery in Europe – an achievement that has helped the UK National Lottery to generate over £28 billion for the Good Causes, and counting. Gosh! This is amazing and great news for all those mums who can see a little sport champs in their little ones.

This is apparently how it works: The total amount which goes to National Lottery Good Causes depends on the mix of sales across different games and sales channels, the level of unclaimed prizes – and the amount raised in investment income from National Lottery balances waiting to be allocated.

In the period up to March 2013, around 28% of total National Lottery revenue is expected to go to the Good Causes.

From April 2012, the returns to National Lottery Good Causes are distributed as follows:

Health, Education, Environment, and charitable causes 40%

Sports 20%

Arts 20%

Heritage 20%

Winning the national lottery can be life changing, nobody can deny that, but few realise how life changing the behind the scenes lottery funding can also be.

With the London 2012 Olympics approaching, and lottery funding doing a lot to help young athletes in the UK, Camelot have launched a campaign to raise awareness amongst the British public of how much lottery funding has done to make the dreams of children come true and give them the financial assistance needed to become potential Olympic champions.

Here is the video from the campaign – I love it!

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