Book review: Sad tales for me

If you like books and you like dogs then this book is a match made in heaven 🙂 We never read a autodogbiography before and we loved this one!

This is a very original book idea because the story is written by James Barklee, author and illustrator of this book, an ordinary small dog living an ordinary life. And because of this, the story makes you reflect on dogs’ lives.

James is frustrated. He feels like he is the most misinterpreted member of the family. His size makes him feel overlooked and he is also told off — a lot!

So follow James as he leads us through snapshots of his life that will resonate with both children and adults alike. Through humorous text and exquisite imagery, he blows the lid off what it’s truly like to lead a dog’s life – from aspirations of becoming a guard dog to chasing squirrels and everything else in between!


James Barklee’s manuscript provoked much excitement at Far Far Away Books when it arrived in their offices having been found in a local park. In spite of extensive searches, publicity-shy James remained elusive for several months before he was finally tracked down to his home where his family were shocked to learn their dog could read and write. James has agreed to his manuscript being published, on condition that his privacy, and that of his family, is maintained.

ABOUT FAR FAR AWAY BOOKS AND MEDIA Far Far Away is a new London- based independent publisher that prides itself on creating high-quality children’s books and digital content primarily for 0-14 year olds, alongside a number of titles which also cross over to the adult gift market.

Founded in 2011 out of the love of beautifully illustrated led content, their creative and talented team has worked with some of the greatest names in children’s publishing. From household names such as Ladybird, Autumn Publishing and Priddy Books, their experience is immense

and translates to their books from the design right through to the printed copy.

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