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A Tear Free First Day at Reception

Aug 18 2014


Starting school is a milestone for both you and your child. It is a big change where you will have to start a routine, go to school every day, get used to a new and larger environment and wear uniform. While it is an exciting time, 5 years ago on my daughter’s first day in Reception she started playing and I burst into tears! So here are my top tips on how to prepare both mentally and physically for your child’s first day which I will be following this September when my son starts Reception.


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3 Reasons to Create a Summer Memory Box

Aug 12 2014

I often find mums are so busy they can’t remember what they did one day to the next let alone last summer. This is where a memory box works really well. Memories are really important to us and especially our children as they affect their personalities, future, help discover passions and even careers! With our busy pace of life it is really important for us to help our children remember and cherish positive, happy and loving memories, not just of key events like holidays abroad but everyday humble activities like going for a bike ride.

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5 Ways to Improve Family Life Balance

Jun 26 2013

As a parent managing the school run, extracurricular activities, work deadlines, family and social engagements as well as making family time a priority can be a constant challenge! So what’s the solution? Here are my suggested 5 ways to improve family life balance.

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