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Has the taboo of online dating finally worn off?

Jul 29 2014
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It used to be thought that online dating was for people who couldn’t find a date in the real world. That is definitely not the case any more. There’s been a huge surge in people using dating sites to find that special someone. From sites where your friends describe you and all your best bits (hopefully!) – like – to sites specific to your job.

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Why it’s important for children to have a good work / play balance

Jun 27 2014

How do you feel at the end of a busy working week? When you have spent all week working and not enough time doing some of the things that you really love, like gardening, seeing friends and socialising, perhaps some sport or fitness class, or just relaxing by listening to music, come Friday evening you might well feel drained and frazzled. The week has flashed by in a blur of stress and deadlines, and you’ve barely had time to breathe!

If you feel like that, why should it be any different for your little ones? Don’t forget, if they’re school age they spend five days a week in education, usually with homework and reading to fill their evenings, as well. It’s important not to completely overlook the importance of play.

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