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How to measure SEO results over time (and how to get them)

Mar 16 2018

One of the first things most clients ask me when we talk about their SEO projects is: “How long will it take?

I can totally understand: I’m a small business owner myself, and the last thing I’d ever want is to invest money or hours and then hear something like: “Mm, it’s not working”. That would be such a disappointment!

So, today, based on my 7-years experience as an SEO Specialist, I’d like to share with you some nuggets of information about time & results, from an SEO perspective.

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How to come up with great ideas for blog posts

Feb 04 2017
ideas for blog posts

So many people are blogging nowadays, that one of the questions I hear very often, freelancing in digital marketing, is how to come up with the right ideas for blog posts. 

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