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Start your morning right and you can have a brilliant day – here’s how

Jul 08 2021

I don’t know about you but, these days there are some mornings where I’m not even sure of how far into the week I am. Like so many, I’m working from home. The old routines of getting up, getting the kids ready, breakfast and getting off to work have all but gone and like everyone else I am not sure if this will have changed by the end of June.

But regardless of restrictions that are still in place and the changes that will eventually come it important to manage our mornings. And the best way to do that is by embracing the ‘micro-moment’ – tiny little manageable interventions that can make a huge difference.

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C.O.V.I.D your way out of COVID

May 13 2021

Don’t know about you, but I’m over Covid.  I distinctly remember hearing about some unknown virus in China 16 months ago. It never occurred to me at the time that it would up-end all our lives.

I’m a great believer in ‘micro-moments’, the ability to change our life in any moment and how to use these tiny manageable interventions to gain positive momentum – even when things are challenging. I’ve written three Meee in a Minute books, each offering 60 one-minute micro-ideas and insights that can help us to shift our perception in life, family and at work.

And I’ve applied the same idea here – only this time I’m up-ending Covid and turning the name of the virus into a handy acronym so that we can re-shape this year to be the best year ever.

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How to get your motivation back up and running

Mar 28 2021

If you have kids you’ll have experienced a major change in your life when schools reopened.  Now that you’ve had a couple of weeks to adjust, how are you feeling?  If you’re like me it could be a mix of emotions. You may be noticing that your usual energy and umph has not come back – which might be a surprise given the return to something more like ‘normal’.

After a long period of lockdown and home schooling, plus a continued diet of Covid news items on TV, on our newsfeeds etc perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that our inner motivation hasn’t instantly returned.

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Tips for a wonderful Valentine’s Day

Feb 13 2021

Some people adore Valentine’s Day and look forward to it eagerly. Others of us are less keen on the day itself. I count myself amongst the latter group. After all love and appreciation for a partner as well as the other significant people in our lives is something we should be sharing with them across the whole year!

However, Valentine’s Day has become part of our culture so perhaps we can spend it this year demonstrating our appreciation and also thinking about little things we can do across the year to make all our relationships stronger.

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3 Ideas for squeezing the best out the last few weeks of 2020

Nov 02 2020

From March 2020 life has been challenging and this looks set to continue through the winter months.  Like me, you may well have been anxious, worried about your job, about furlough arrangements, worried about family, and uncertain about the future. It sounds as if we are going to be living with this virus for some time. So, what do we do? Hide and hope we and our families will all be fine at the end of the year? Or do we grab the rest of the year by the scruff of the neck and get going?

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