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Hello Summer

May 14 2013

I might have slightly miscalculated when I applied the hair dye inbetween putting dinner in the oven and eating it. And I certainly hadn’t counted on my other half actually getting home in time to eat with me. What a picture, plastic bag wrapped around my carefully applied home dye, muffin tops on full display (I had thoughtfully removed my top to prevent accidents). Delightful.

And thus we welcome in summer.

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Eat yourself beautiful (hooray!)

May 02 2013

I’m reading the most amazing book, The Clear Skin Cookbook, in it Dale Pinnock reveals how different vitamins and minerals really get to work on our skin. He looks into the science of how the skin works and goes on to suggest some very simple, tasty meals that are packed full of skin-boosting compounds.

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Hand care for you and baby

Apr 30 2013

You can tell a lot from a persons hands – Manicured, they have time & money; tired & cracked, probably a mother like you or me; age spots, are they older than they look?

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Pampering at home

Mar 25 2013

You never need an excuse for a trip to a Spa, but if you can’t spare the time & money, or can’t tear yourself away from your little one(s), then why not create the perfect spa at home?

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Beautifully simple skincare

Mar 18 2013

Friday 8th March 2013 was International Women’s Day so I took the opportunity to pack the kids off to the grandparents and attend the London Mums Magazine conference at City Hall.

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