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Become a dazzling mummy in the blink of an eye

Oct 18 2013

These days a night out is such a rarity and if you’re anything like me you’ll be have forgotten what it means to do ‘going-out’ make-up!

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Perfect your Mummy make-up

Aug 13 2013
5 minutes beauty hacks

Note to self: Do not place make-up bag directly above toilet!


…On the plus
side it’s been a great excuse to refresh the contents, I was living on borrowed
time as much of my make-up was hanging round from my pre-mummy life anyway.

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Q&A with Paediatric Nurse

Aug 12 2013

At the beginning of July I was lucky enough to talk to Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor Katherine Whitby…

Katherine, thanks for taking the time to talk to us at London Mum’s Magazine. It’s great to get a real glimpse into the world of a Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor.

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Mumalicious sun-damage treatments

Jul 03 2013

There’s nothing more panic-inducing than spending the day with a beautiful, toned mummy. Her hair will always be perfectly highlighted, she’ll be wearing just enough make-up to look composed & glamorous (not-at-all trashy or WAG-tastic) and her child will always be well behaved. You (me) on-the-other-hand will always be displaying your tummy/arms/butt to their fullest and your child will use his psychic powers of deduction and play up to his fullest and turn you into a jabbering wreck. This is a universal truth, like gravity and what-not.

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Fun in the sun (without the worry-lines)

Jun 13 2013

Luke: “Nanny, what’s that?

Nanny: “that’s my elbow”

L: “It’s all stripy”

N: “Stripy?” looks at elbow “oh yes, that’s Nanny’s skin. When you get older your skin gets a bit saggy and goes a bit stripy like Nanny’s”

L: “Is my elbow stripy”

N: “No, yours is nice and springy”

Luke, pressing elbow with index finger: “Yes mine is springy, not stripy like yours”

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