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Want To – How to handle a stubborn child

Dec 18 2018

Your toddler is determined that he want to touch the stove. You try to convince them that this will hurt them. You say no, you move them several times from the area of the stove.  You even go so far as to tap them on the butt to show them how serious you are about this being something they shouldn’t do.  They continually sneak back into the kitchen and reach up to try and touch the hot element.  Nothing you are doing is making them realise that this is dangerous. They want to touch it and reasoning isn’t going to work, spanking isn’t going to work, timeouts are not going to work.

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Tough Love: Can you do it and is it enough?

Dec 15 2018

No matter when you are dealing with a child for any behavior that is not acceptable you must find out the source of the issue. However, when and if you have done everything you can to find out what the issue might be, and have taken steps to help your child if they do not start to change their behaviour, you only have one recourse left and that is tough love.

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Who has Control in your House?

Dec 10 2018

You wake up one morning and you feel this sense that something isn’t right. You are not sure what, but you know that things are not as they should be. Mothers have a way of knowing these things long before we can even see what the problem is.

You grudgingly get up from your warm comfy bed, trod on down the stairs and head for the cupboard to grab a cup, then saunter over to the coffee pot when you spot your child with his face buried in a bowl of sugar pops and you instantly get defensive.

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Paying for Household Chores?

Nov 25 2018

You want your child to grow up understanding the value of money. You yearn for them to understand you get paid if you work hard. But you also want them to understand that families need to work together and to help out when needed. So how do you decide if you should pay your child for household chores or not?

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The Voice of the Child from Divorced families

Nov 08 2018

Your child has suddenly become mouthy and rude. You are not able to just put it down to them having a bad day, as this has been going on for some time now and they are becoming belligerent toward everyone most of the time. OR

Your child becomes quiet and withdrawn. Not speaking to anyone, not calling on friends. Not even wanting to go play their favourite activity or go to school anymore. If your child is acting much differently than you are used to, there is always a reason and it is your job as a parent to find out why. Figuring out what their issue is, could be liking finding a needle in a haystack.

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