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Let’s talk Business – A workshop for mumpreneurs

Oct 20 2020

Gayle at Hustle & Fox and Marion at Peach Me Up have teamed up to bring a series of workshops for mumpreneurs to help them take their business to the next level.

The current economic climate has a lot of entrepreneurs wonder about the future of their business and a lot of them feel like they have reached a brick wall so high they’ll never get over it.

“Let’s talk business” is a series of friendly and chatty sessions focuses on giving you positive vibes and information on how to tackle crucial parts of your business, from revising your foundations to growing your Instagram account.

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Lockdown – what’s next?

Aug 16 2020

Lockdown. Definitely a before and an after. How many times will we tell a story that starts with “before lockdown” or contains “then lockdown happened”? While many businesses froze or were forced into changing their strategies, we have been stuck at home with a lot to do on top of the regular chores: home schooling, mastering the art of Zoom calling while entertaining children, juggling parental duties to finally crash on the sofa having put the kids to bed – still watching Peppa Pig. However, for a lot of us, lockdown has also opened the floodgates of creativity and unveiled hidden talents from crafting to baking (providing you found flour) and building dens deserving a recognition in Grand Designs. It’s also been a time of eating together as a family more – often without the pressure of making it all healthy and Instagram-worthy – you have to do what you have to do to survive (raise your hand if your food bill went through the roof).

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