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Lockdown – what’s next?

Aug 16 2020

Lockdown. Definitely a before and an after. How many times will we tell a story that starts with “before lockdown” or contains “then lockdown happened”? While many businesses froze or were forced into changing their strategies, we have been stuck at home with a lot to do on top of the regular chores: home schooling, mastering the art of Zoom calling while entertaining children, juggling parental duties to finally crash on the sofa having put the kids to bed – still watching Peppa Pig. However, for a lot of us, lockdown has also opened the floodgates of creativity and unveiled hidden talents from crafting to baking (providing you found flour) and building dens deserving a recognition in Grand Designs. It’s also been a time of eating together as a family more – often without the pressure of making it all healthy and Instagram-worthy – you have to do what you have to do to survive (raise your hand if your food bill went through the roof).

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