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A Mum’s ways to distract children from using the tablet, PC, iphone and ipads

Mar 31 2019

It’s not been too long ago when we completed half term, time off from school where you can get up late, have a lie in and just a huge break from doing the school run and the Easter holidays are coming soon.  However, we are faced with something different, what can I do that is not expensive to entertain and distract children at home?  Some families go on holidays and some families just explore their local attractions.  It is a little bit of a distraction for them to be given the tablet, PC, iphone and ipads. The experts report that too much screen time is not good and it should be stopped at least one hour before bedtime to get relaxed, for the brain to slow down so they can settle easier.  I have found ten ways to distract the children from these devices. Check them out. 

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Are you a woman of destiny?

Aug 09 2018

What does it mean when you hear the term of endearment; I am a woman of destiny?  Does that mean they know exactly where they are going, what the future holds or does it mean they have purpose?  Think about this for a while.  The answers would be different based on your experience, goals, motivation, interests and beliefs.  Knowing exactly where you are going means you have made plans and by all means you are determined come what may, good or bad, money or no money, light or dark, high or low, you know your destiny and you have a dogged determination through the troubles to triumph to be a winner and victorious.

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The Power of Small Beginnings: Do not despise it, enjoy it

Jul 11 2018

Have you ever had a small pebble or stone in your shoe and you only realised it is there because you can feel the effects of it through your whole body all the way to your head? That is what small beginnings does it is a step of faith that will eventually make maximum impact. Take for example, finance, as a single parent with two boys under the age of 8, I work every week and I have lots of commitments that needs to be met. 

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