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Cuddles, kisses and chatter: The top things grandparents have most missed out on

Jun 10 2021

It’s hard to quantify all the things that have been missed over the last year, but new research out today shows that grandparents have been hit particularly hard – missing out on 49 hugs, 47 kisses, 40 conversations and 25 family meals with their grandkids since the start of the pandemic. 

WATCH the emotional moment the first grandparents Granny Lou and Big Grandad Nick from Southampton road-test the service and are reunited with their grandkids after EIGHT months apart.

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How wall art can transform our living space and support our wellbeing

Jun 09 2021
In this photo by pic Abi Browlie I am posing with my son Diego when he was 3 years old

Throughout the pandemic we have appreciated the importance of the arts on our wellbeing. What would have happened to us during lockdown without artistic entertainment – Netflix, music, creative activities. Personally, I have felt that I should treat my home like a temple so I have surrounded myself with artwork. Let’s face it! Art enriches our lives and boosts our wellbeing. A simple photograph or painting hanging on the wall has the power to cheer the spirit and enliven the space. Wall art can make me laugh, evoke emotion, incite conversation and debate, and inspire me on a daily basis.

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Picture book of the week: Never Grow Up by Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake

Jun 09 2021

Publishing this week, brand new picture book Never Grow Up inspired by Roald Dahl celebrates the boundless joy of childhood and features full colour illustrations by Quentin Blake.

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Book of the week: How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Jun 07 2021

Quick Reads, the life-changing scheme tackling the UK’s shocking adult literary crisis, are the way forward to encourage people to read. I love the short books in the 2021 series including best-selling London authors Caitlin Moran, Louise Candlish and Khurrum Rahman among others.

Sunday Times best-seller and British Book Award winner Louise Candlish is renowned for her dark domestic thrillers and has written a powerful short story for this year’s Quick Reads collection – The Skylight. Londoner Louise is part of this year’s campaign because she has experienced first-hand the transformative power of books – she credits reading for setting her on the right path when she was ‘young and adrift’ and discovered books at a free public library – ‘it means such a lot to me to be a part of literacy campaign that really does change lives.’

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Avocado recipes

Jun 05 2021

June is World Avocado Month! The UK is the second-largest market for avocados in Europe, with over 6,000 avocados sold hourly. I certainly contribute to this figure.

To celebrate this versatile fruit – because avocado is a fruit – I have received extracts of two recipes from the latest free cookbook from the World Avocado Organization, Avocados in Bloom, which I am sharing here as these meals are easy and nutritious. In this book there are enough meals ideas without ever repeating a recipe.

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