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Psychologist on How to Prevent Post-Halloween Nightmares

Nov 09 2020

Counselling Psychologist, Dr Susie Dawson, offers her five best tips on how to help prevent post-Halloween nightmares, in collaboration with Happy Beds.

The aftermath of Halloween and the new lockdown may mean that children will take longer to get to sleep, or wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares, due to watching too many scary films on the weekend, or even due to just hearing the word ‘Halloween’ and that word having the associations that go alongside it.

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Nov 06 2020

After such a dramatic year, we all need a feline-good movie. The one that will bring a smile to us all has to be A Christmas Gift from Bob, the ‘purrfect’ Christmas sequel to the international hit film A street cat named Bob.

A Christmas Gift from Bob is also based on the true story of James Bowen and his best ginger furry friend Bob on their new journey together. It is scheduled for release in UK cinemas after 2nd December 2020 and is available on PVoD (Premium Video on Demand) now. 

Read my interview from 2016: 

Five minute chat with A STREET CAT NAMED BOB film producer Adam Rolston

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Mumpreneur’s testimonial: When children’s memories inspire business ideas – The story behind Eternally Cherished jewellery

Nov 06 2020

Over the years I have come across amazing women who have created businesses from their kitchen tables. An inspirational story and a great mumpreneur’s testimonial is the one of Erin Parnell who created her Eternally Cherished jewellery to make keepsakes to treasure her daughter’s early memories.

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Travel with kids: From London to Lucca

Nov 05 2020

London Mums’ globetrotter reporter Rita Kobrak has told me her lovely travel story, which I am delighted to share here. Enjoy! 

“Four years ago, my husband and I spent a half-term break in Lucca, a stunning, walled city close to Florence and Pisa. That holiday changed our lives, as shortly afterwards we left London and moved to Italy with our then 9-years old daughter, Alessia, and 3-year old son, Sebastian. My Mum was Italian so I have always spoken Italian at home and worked in Italy as a travel guide before having children. Lucca was still new to me, though. It was supposed to be a year-long stay but we are still here four years later. Looking back, packing up our belongings, putting them into storage and leaving with just two suitcases was a bit mad. But, if you are thinking of going abroad with the family for a while, I’d say: JUST DO IT! Life is too short to live in only one country. 

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Sleep better, Live longer

Nov 04 2020

With so much heartache, upheaval and stress in the world in 2020, we as a nation are finding our mental wellbeing under more strain than usual. Like most people, during lockdown this year, I drastically reduced my fitness activities. As a result, I developed lower back pain which prevented me from having a good night’s sleep and high productivity at work. To get better, I exercised more but fitness only helped reducing the pain. I then came across sleep experts at Mammoth who highlighted the importance of a good mattress to boost health and wellbeing. After testing a super-king sized Mammoth Shine® mattress for a couple of days my back pain was completely gone.

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