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Child’s Health: The benefits of early orthodontic treatment

Jul 21 2021

You might have heard about early orthodontics as an effective tooth straightening option for children. This enables them to have the best smile possible from a young age, but there are so many more advantages to early orthodontics than meets the eye.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the benefits of early orthodontic treatment to ensure your child has optimal dental health now and into the future. Let’s take a look!

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Bright Horizons pioneers new Early Years curriculum with wellbeing at its core

Jul 19 2021

Nursery and back-up care provider Bright Horizons has designed an innovative new Early Years curriculum which will be in all its nursery settings in England by September following a successful pilot programme. The pioneering curriculum, Bright Beginnings, focuses on children’s emotional wellbeing as the key to learning.

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The history of the T-shirt: From underwear to symbol of rebelliousness

Jul 14 2021

These days T-shirts are so common and so widely used that we might not even notice them unless they carry messages that the individuals want to express.

I have gone back in time to see where the T-shirt has come from.

In Victorian times sailors in the British Empire and in the USA used t-shirts to protect themselves from adverse weather. Later on, workers started using t-shirts not just inside factories but also outside.

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Attraction review: Buckingham Palace Garden open to the public for the first time in history

Jul 13 2021

This summer families can discover the sights of private areas of Buckingham Palace Garden enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to picnic with views of the Palace. I have done that and loved feeling the soft grass under my bare feet and laying on historical grounds. 

Kids and parents alike can wander around the garden’s winding paths and experience the beauty and calm of this walled oasis in central London. Among the many features to discover are the 156-metre Herbaceous Border, the Horse Chestnut Avenue, the plane trees planted by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the famous lake with its island that is home to the Buckingham Palace bees (accessible exclusively to Prince Albert who used it as his man cave). 

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Are you a panicking parent or a calm carer?

Jul 12 2021

If you’re a working parent wondering how you’ll survive the summer school holidays, new research shows you’re not alone!

The approach of the long summer school holidays can bring out different feelings for different families. While some parents and guardians look forward to spending more time with the children, others can be slightly nervous about how they are going to keep the kids entertained for such a long stretch, especially if they’re having to balance work demands at the same time.

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