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Win a year’s supply of Colour Catcher products to help save time and money on washing

Nov 24 2020

From rouge red socks staining whites to dye from denim jeans leaking – laundry disasters can be a massive pain. But thanks to Colour Catcher, you can save time spent separating your loads and mix your laundry with no bother. To show you how easy it is, and dare you to mix lights, darks and colours all together, Colour Catcher is offering four lucky winners a year’s supply of Colour Catcher products to help save time and money on washing.

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Carb killers

Nov 23 2020

Last Christmas nobody could have predicted that after all the lunches and dinners, we would have spent months in isolation without many opportunities to do fitness and sport. Without exceptions, during lockdown we have all really struggled to motivate ourselves to exercise, and indulged in comfort food to compensate for the lack of motivation to do anything.

I have personally tried to do indoor exercise via personal trainers, PE with Joe and YouTube, diet and walking. But that was before the summer. The goal of feeling good with my body image in a bikini was motivating enough.

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Christmas Gift idea: Posh GoodiBox, a selection of the finest artisan chocolates

Nov 20 2020
Comes December, I feel a strange desire for chocolate. It’s the gloomy season, the cold weather that makes comfort treats so very appealing. This year throughout the Christmas season I will indulge in a Posh GoodiBox, a selection of the finest artisan chocolates, by GoodiBox, a brand new online shop for chocolate treats and healthy snacking. Posh GoodiBox is a decadent selection of premium chocolate from Lir, an Irish chocolatier.

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Future Films Heads Up: Tom & Jerry The Movie  in Cinemas 2021

Nov 19 2020

I grew up with Tom & Jerry and so has my son. The film trailer for this live action Tom & Jerry The Movie looks very good and something to look forward to in 2021. It brings the iconic cat and mouse duo into the real world and makes it very appealing to young viewers. 

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Baby feeding hacks: Tips to prevent fussy eating before it begins

Nov 18 2020

I love Charlotte Stirling-Reed’s tips to prevent fussy eating before it begins! I wish I had seen these baby feeding hacks when my son was a baby. Make good use of them, London Mums! You can also attend a weaning workshop in which she will share more tips and will showcase how to get started with solids and vegetable led weaning. She is a registered Nutritionist and a leading expert in infant and toddler nutrition and also worked with our beloved Joe Wicks on Wean in 15

This event is free courtesy of Stokke – Stokke are going virtual – Tripp Trapp® tour @home – and will be on 8th December 2020 at 8pm – 9pm. Register here, and you will be sent the zoom invite closer to the event.

Meantime have a taster of Charlotte’s tips. 

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