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It’s never too early to introduce your child to diversity through playtime

Sep 18 2021

It’s never too early to introduce your child to diversity. And the launch of a new toy suitable from birth onwards this Christmas can show you how.

In a world sadly still all too familiar with prejudice based around colour, gender and disability it’s encouraging to know that 98% of those parents asked in a recent survey are fully primed to introduce activities into their children’s lives to promote and encourage equality, diversity and inclusion.

But the survey also revealed that only 26% of the sample knew at what age their child will start to recognise different skin tones.  Leading experts in childhood learning show the age to be as young as six months*, whereas most parents in the survey opted for ages 3-5.  It is also widely accepted that children can start to internalise racial bias from between the ages of 2 and 4*.

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9 Lifestyle factors that affect fertility

Sep 17 2021

Is your lifestyle affecting your fertility? We are all aware that factors of our lifestyle affect numerous parts of our daily lives, but when was the last time you thought “how can my lifestyle affect my fertility?” TFP Fertility, formerly The Fertility Partnership, one of the UK’s largest IVF providers and fertility specialists,  lists the top 9 lifestyle factors that can affect your fertility.

Although it isn’t everything, many lifestyle factors including smoking, alcohol, BMI, certain drugs, caffeine consumption, nutrition and stress can impact your current and future fertility. This said, it should however be remembered that every individual is unique and different and so is their fertility. 

Fertility treatment is therefore not a one-size-fits-all approach. There are choices that any individual can make, to aid a healthy lifestyle and indirectly promote male and female fertility. It also takes two to tango, so when considering how lifestyle factors can impact on your chances of conception, all parties need to be taken into consideration.

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Struggling to conceive a child? What women can do to improve their chances naturally

Sep 17 2021

Having a child is a life-affirming experience, and for many of us, it is something that we’ve always dreamed of and planned for.

While you might think that all you have to do is have unprotected vaginal sex with your partner, the reality isn’t always that simple.

For many couples, it could take weeks or even months to convince naturally, for a wide variety of reasons.

If you’re trying to have a baby, whether it’s your first or an extension of your brood, here are some practical ways that you can improve your chances naturally.

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Easy ideas to help you maintain your marriage

Sep 16 2021

Being married for many years can be a beautiful experience, as it allows you to get to know your partner in a way that no one else can. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get comfortable in your relationship and forget to show your other half just how much you value them and everything they do for you, and this can impact upon the quality of your marriage quite considerably if you fail to notice your mistakes. Thankfully, learning how to maintain your marriage to promote peace and happiness doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect, as there are many easy ideas that you can utilise to put a smile on your partner’s face today. So, if you would like to find out more, then simply read on. 

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Road safety – the key legislation that has made driving safer throughout the years

Sep 10 2021

Since 1935, when the Road Traffic Act came into effect, several driving laws have improved safety for UK motorists throughout the years. New research from ATS Euromaster looks back at the most impactful driving laws in terms of road safety.

By reviewing road fatality data, the new data ranks key driving laws in terms of their impact, whilst taking into account the number of cars in operation at the time the law was passed.

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