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How to make Pregnancy and Nursing comfortable

Aug 12 2020

I can still remember how uncomfortable I often felt in bed while pregnant and breastfeeding my son. I have recently come across an amazing brand called BellaMoon® which have recently unveiled a new collection of three luxury fabric design prints for their multi award winning Full Moon 7-in-1 Pregnancy & Nursing System – Feather Nest (RRP: £169). This unique product provides support from the very first trimester of the pregnancy, throughout the breastfeeding journey, and until baby is 18 months of age. The pillows are very soft and practical to use hence they represent a long-term investment for new mums. Once you finish with the pregnancy and breastfeeding, the system is convertible to a big snail-shaped pillow that alleviates back pain. 

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Teen-A-Pause: Consciously Parenting Your Teen Whilst Reparenting Yourself

Aug 10 2020

What’s the recipe for successful parenting in the twenty-first century? I have always tried to make sense of this without a definite answer. I often feel as a mum I have failed in my goal of having the perfect family, a caring child and a happy life according to what media showcases as happiness. But when children reach the teenage years, we are confronted with so many dilemmas and frustrations which can prevent us from fulfilling our potential especially at the time when as a mother we are reaching the menopause and facing middle life crisis

Teenage mental health is at a crisis point, particularly now as teens struggle to cope with the new normal and parents struggle getting through to them. Experienced Psychotherapist and author Emma Disney releases a new guidebook, Teen-A-Pause: Consciously Parenting Your Teen Whilst Reparenting Yourself  in which she provides tips on how parents can take “A PAUSE” to empower themselves to learn the language their teenagers are speaking. 

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FREE Cakes for Kids Group – FULHAM

Aug 08 2020

With the motto “We make a difference, one cake at a time”, Free Cakes for Kids Fulham is a movement of local volunteers and community groups, who share the simple belief that every child deserves a birthday cake no matter what their circumstances. Free Cakes for Kids Fulham was set up in May 2020 as part of the Free Cakes for Kids UK organisation founded in 2008 by Henriette Lundgren in Oxford and has since grown to nearly 60 volunteer groups around the country. They bake birthday and celebration cakes for families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child for reasons such as financial hardship or illness.

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Getting the most out of your Smartphone

Aug 07 2020

Everybody has a smartphone, but does everybody make the most of it? These highly expensive gadgets are basically our entire lives; we use them not just to make calls, but for absolutely everything but! We carry them everywhere and use them for everything, even highly important things like banking and finance. Some people even give them to their children, who use them for gaming, social media and YouTube, mainly. Older people scoff at how much we use them, telling us we’re addicted, and indeed, they could be right about that. One thing that smartphones give us except Candy Crush and Instagram is organisational tools. 

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A Mum’s Guide to Finance

Aug 05 2020

Trying to hold down mum-life is no easy task. Throw in getting the kids to school, raising a newborn, and all the other parenting perks, focusing on the things you need may rarely cross your mind. When was the last time you drank a hot cup of coffee, let alone think about getting your car sorted?

Juggling your mum responsibilities naturally always comes first. Getting your head around car finance may seem like a step too far! Fortunately, that’s where I come in.

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