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Triangles | Weekly Photography Challenge

Jul 04 2014

In art triangles are a wonderful and beautiful thing. We look for them to help describe an image, we create them with shadows and subjects and we use them to lead the eye around a picture.

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Trying to be less sweary | Sympathy Pains

Jul 01 2014

Oh sh***********t, Emma’s been on maternity leave for two weeks now which means only one thing, this baby is coming soon!

The NCT classes are done, the nursery has been decorated and the hospital bag was packed weeks ago.

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Seascapes | Weekly Photography Challenge

Jun 27 2014

As an old seadog I’ve photographed my fair share of seascapes. There’s something about a seascape that I love but I can’t quite describe. Perhaps it’s the sense of vastness and simplicity. Perhaps it’s the subtle uniqueness that every seascape has both in the sky and in the ocean.

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Out of office automatic reply | Sympathy Pains

Jun 24 2014

This is an out of office automated reply

As I mentioned weeks ago I’ll be going on maternity leave from 13th June 2014 so please send all your enquires to the main accounts email address.
This email account will not be monitored as everyone will be far too busy working out how on earth they are going to cope without me for a whole year.

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Shadows | Weekly Photography Challenge

Jun 20 2014

With the great British summer in full swing there’s surely no better time to capture shadows. Actually any time of year, in any part of the world is a good time or place to photograph shadows. The act of photography is all about capturing light and where there’s a light source there’s a shadow.

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