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Photographing your family | Weekly photography challenge

Jul 25 2014
photographing your family

This is the 52nd and final weekly photo challenge in this series so I decided to make it the biggest project yet; your family.
The reason why most parents pick up a camera or commit to some form of learning is that they want to take better pictures of their family.

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Found Numbers | Weekly Photography Challenge

Jul 18 2014
Found Numbers

A while ago I was given the brief from my wife to create a gift for someone. She wanted me to create a montage of numbers that I’ve photographed so that when they were put together they read the date of this particular person’s wedding.
So I began my search for numbers, I found plenty on houses and street signs but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

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Born in 60 seconds – our birth story

Jul 18 2014
newborn baby 6 days old

“There are always exceptions to the rule, it just so happens that you were one of those exceptions.”

This is my final Symapthy Pains article because as the title suggests I am now, for the first time, a father.
I always wanted to finish this series with the birth story as every single one I’ve heard before is different and I figured ours would be too. What I wasn’t expecting was how different it would be.

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Bokeh | Weekly photography challenge

Jul 11 2014

Bokeh is the¬†aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image. This quality is produced by your camera’s lens and is most apparent in highlight areas. Is most often seen in portraits that are photographed using a wide open aperture.¬†

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Better in than out – 10 reasons why it’s better to have a late baby

Jul 08 2014

So my wife is in her 4th week of maternity leave and there’s no sign of baby. She’s got her favourite daytime TV shows, she’s joined a number of ridiculous Facebook groups where mums try and sell used junk they brought off ebay and she’s even started doing crosswords.

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