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Trying to organise my disorganised home-working life

Nov 07 2012
Disorganised home-working

Organisation probably isn’t at the top of your list when you decide to work from home. For many years, it wasn’t mine either. I simply threw myself into it, and hoped it would work. Somehow! I knew I wanted to earn money working from home so that I could be ‘hands on’ with the kids, but didn’t have a clue where or how to start.

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Thinking of a Party Planning or Direct Selling Business? How do you choose the right one?

Nov 04 2012
Party Planning: Which one do you choose?

Party Planning and Direct Selling is becoming an increasingly popular choice for mumpreneurs.

It’s the type of business you can operate in your spare time if you already work full or part-time. It’s equally a great option if you want to develop it as a business full-time.

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Are you a mumpreneur with pre-school children – what do you do for childcare?

Nov 03 2012
Mumpreneur with pre-school children

I started my own business seven years ago when my second child was born and my eldest was four in part-time nursery.  Although I was lucky enough to pin down work-from-home contracts as a Freelancer, working with pre-school children wasn’t plain sailing.  And it is still a challenge now that I have a third child, who is coming up to four years old.

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Is Freelancing for you?

Oct 23 2012
Is Freelancing for your?

Are you toying with the idea of becoming your own boss? Giving up ‘nine to five’ for something more flexible?  Or perhaps you’ve heard that as a Freelancer, you can make more money; work on a variety of exciting projects and get time off as and when you need it.

A great career choice, right?

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