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He never spends any quality time with me!

Mar 20 2014

With a deep sigh, Sarah says ‘ I don’t think my husband loves me anymore. He is always on his computer or iPhone…. He just doesn’t seem interested in anything I have to say and I am worried he thinks I am boring or stupid’. Wow… a huge statement and the call has only just begun.

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Beat anxiety, depression and stress – by reclaiming your identity!

Feb 20 2014

Who am I? Three small words, but once uttered become a very big statement.

We often feel like we don’t know who we are anymore and the fear inside can be completely overwhelming. You can start to believe that no one is listening to you or understands you, when in reality you stopped listening to yourself a long time ago and now you feel lost and afraid that life will always be this way. By taking small steps to reclaim your identity, you will have the confidence once again to move successfully through life, knowing that you and others are embracing the authentic and genuine you!

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