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Film review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 starring John Corbett and Nia Vardalos

Sep 13 2023
‘Another sloppy helping of migrant family cliches’: John Corbett (left), Nia Vardalos (centre) and Andrea Martin (second right) star in My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Twenty years after the first instalment, John Corbett and Nia Vardalos are bringing back My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. London Mums have checked it out to reveal whether it’s worth a trip to the cinema.

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Coping with curls, bane or blessing

Sep 04 2023

Coping with curls – bane or blessing – Oh for straight hair that does as it’s told.  ‘Why? Curls are adorrrable’, you say. Because. The first rule of natural curls is: there IS no rule. No consistency across your scalp, and no two are the same. I get corkscrews framing my face, but at the back I’m blessed with scrub. Nor do my ringlets bond in the same way on any two given days. We live in dread of the humid, just as hayfever sufferers fear pollen; humid means loss of control, and your cat-walk blow-dry lasting all of 10 minutes outside. So your coiff is a surprise pretty much every time you catch sight of yourself, a disappointing surprise.

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Your Clitoris and ‘Cliturgy’: Debunking myths and embracing sexual knowledge for women’s empowerment

Aug 14 2023

If we consider our clitoris as holy, (it’s felt slutty for a very long time)  then there will be a liturgy surrounding its worship. The Good Sex rituals we like that we know best, our ‘Cliturgy’. It’s all very fine us knowing our clit inside out; do our partners? It’s a difficult discussion to have at the best of times, made worse by conflicting views as to how many there are, their locations, sizes and shapes.

Surprisingly, there’s been a debate in academic circles for over 100 years… and no wonder no progress was made, given the demographic of The Erudite at that time… And what woman would want to become their specimen anyway? On p.79 of Liv Stromquist’s blow-it-all-open book ‘Fruit of Knowledge’ which I have given to my daughter to read, there’s an in-your-face diagram which you would think is as reliable a source as any for cross-referencing with one’s own ordinance. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t correspond.

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Theatre review: Midsummer Mechanicals, a hilarious Mockspeare for kids

Jul 31 2023
Full company of Midsummer Mechanicals at Shakespeare's Globe (c. Manuel Harlan)

The Midsummer Mechanicals is appropriate for ages 6-12 and 25+; at Shakespeare’s Globe, Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, till 26 August. Bestest funniest thing ever, go Go GO!

This is a comedy-for-kids spin-off from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, focussing in on Bottom & Co., the band of am-dram labourers, who are still fancying themselves as actors one year later, and have secured another airing before the Duke & Duchess.

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Glasto’s Final Roar: Hippie Vibes, Music Legends, and Life-Defining Moments Under the Stars!

Jul 30 2023

Glasto‘s Final Roar: Hippie Vibes, Music Legends, and Life-Defining Moments Under the Stars! Day 4 – Woken up by a bass drum practising before the perf, ‘d-df … d-df… d-df…’ sounding like a heartbeat. Omg, a call to all the sleepy heads that the dance floor awaits for one final push. It reminded me of elephants communicating by sending deep sounds reverberating across the earth of the savannah.

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