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Motivating your child

Jan 31 2017

To work hard and sustain their efforts, children need to feel confident of their success. They need to be able to manage their anxieties, frustrations and feelings of discouragement or anger. If they cannot, they will give up trying to succeed.

Children need to be encouraged and inspired. They need to see the relevance of learning. If they are criticised for lack of effort, it is likely they will become more disengaged, acting defiant and rebellious. This behaviour can also provide the perfect cover to hide feelings of anxiety or inadequacy.

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Coping with exam stress

Dec 28 2016

Coping with exam stress is this week’s theme for my guest blog for London Mums.

Exams and tests can cause anxiety and stress for families; even younger children sitting SATs tests can suffer from nerves and worry about them. There are many small ways you can help reduce this stress.

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The 11+ entrance exam journey

Nov 26 2016

It’s wise to start planning early for your child’s move to senior school. Begin by finding out which local schools are available to your child, and consider how far you would consider commuting across London for the right school.

If you are considering selective state or independent schools, it’s essential to have your child academically assessed. This will allow you to find out if they could pass the 11+ (and whether they are likely to thrive in an academically selective senior school).  Good assessment feedback should also include advice on which schools would be a good fit for your child’s ability and academic potential.

If you decide a selective school is right for your child, this is where the journey through the 11+ entrance exam begins!

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What you need to know about the new 7+ entrance exams

Oct 24 2016

7+ entrance exams are becoming a school admissions route for more and more families, particularly those applying for academically selective independent schools incorporating a senior school. Once in the school, children may still be examined at 11+ and will need to meet the school’s required standards, but they often have a more straightforward transition into the senior school than those applying from outside. This new approach from parents has been prompted by competition for selective senior school places which continues to intensify and has also led to competition at 7+ becoming increasingly fierce.

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Top tips on easing children into secondary school

Oct 11 2016

The new school year is an exciting time, but for some children currently heading back to school, there will be mixed feelings about the return to education. As well as the thrill of seeing friends, having new stationery and perhaps even a new school, children may be feeling anxious about new classes and teachers. For those making the transition between primary and secondary the concerns can be even greater.

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