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FREE EVENT: Find out about changes to the 11+ examinations and interviews for 2018-19

May 19 2018

At JK Educate, we are keen to share our many years of experience in education and help parents guide their children through the fundamental stages of school life.

As part of this service we deliver free talks for parents regarding key aspects of education, and our next talk will focus on the many changes being made to 11+ assessments over the next year or two.

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Assessing Academic Potential and Performance

Feb 25 2018

How is your child doing at school?

Many parents remain confused about how their child is doing at school; with the best of intentions, a short appointment at a parents’ evening and a standard school report cannot give them the full picture. To make informed decisions about their child’s future, and to be sure they are aiming for the senior school that will best suit them, parents need to know how their child is doing in reading, writing and maths compared to others on a national basis.  How are they doing in relation to their ability? And if they are not reaching their full potential at school, why not?

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The Gift of Reading

Dec 23 2017

Holiday fun with reading!


The Christmas holidays are the ideal time for family fun, great food, party games and outings. The learning needn’t stop at this time, but it should be kept fun and festive. Classic board games help improve word power, from Boggle to Scrabble to Articulate, and others such as Monopoly require numeracy (and cunning!).


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Parental Impact on Success at School

Nov 09 2017


As an experienced educator, I know that parental involvement is key to children performing well at school.  It can really make the difference between under-performance and success!


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Aug 08 2017


Reading is vitally important in the development of thinking, expressing ideas, expanding vocabulary, and communication skills. Of course, it’s also important for pure enjoyment!


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