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11+ School Selection and Academic Assessment – The Vital Combination

Jul 07 2019

In this blog I am looking at 11+ school selection and academic assessment, a vital combination for success.

Where to start?

Evaluating your child’s options for senior school can be stressful. The overwhelming amount of information available about schools can also be bewildering. Schools have different styles and academic standards, and it is important to choose one where your child feels both comfortable, motivated and will thrive. You need try to stay focussed on what is important for the development of your own child’s needs. The “best school” is always the school that best suits your individual child: academically, socially, ethically and geographically!

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What to expect at group and individual admissions interviews for selective schools

Oct 30 2018

What are schools looking for in admissions interviews?

Selective schools are increasingly relying on interviews to help them as part of their final selection decisions. Some schools will use the classic one-to-one interview, some prefer group interviews, and some use a combination of both approaches. The keys to success in this form of assessment are letting children know roughly what to expect and helping them be prepared to converse with adults and cooperate with their peers.

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Free Event: How Child Coaching can benefit your family

Oct 29 2018

Free Talk for Parents from JK Educate:


Tuesday, 6th November 2018

8 – 10pm

The Brentano Suite, Lyttelton House, 2 Lyttelton Road London N2 0EF

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Tips on how to encourage children to do their homework

Oct 07 2018

Homework basics

This time, I want to talk about how best to support and encourage your child’s homework effort. A regular time and place for your child to do their homework is essential, so this isn’t negotiable each day. Agree with them when they will work after school, timing it so they have had a chance to unwind and have a snack before they start. Then remove any possible distractions such as the tv, mobile phones or siblings! Provide all they need to study close to hand. Their work space can be anywhere in the house, but it should be well-equipped, so they don’t waste time searching every room for a highlighter or a hole punch! 

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Summer holidays – boosting your child’s education!

Jul 19 2018

How can you make a difference to your child’s summer learning?

Ah, the endless lazy days of summer! Our children’s lives often seem to be timetabled from breakfast to bedtime during term time. It’s great to have a change in routine, let them sleep in (if they ever will!), take a break from the schedule, and just relax. However, young brains still need stimulation.  If you don’t want them to slip backwards and lose the progress made over the previous academic year, you need to keep them thinking and doing during the long summer break. 

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