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Easy ways to make maths fun for kids

Dec 02 2014

Confusion. Rage. Tears. Panic. The maths homework of a ten-year-old can turn the cheeriest household to a warzone. Scribbles are scribbled, diagrams are destroyed and protractors are flung.

I’ve had countless conversations with children – and their parents – about struggles with maths and who declare they “hate maths” or simply I “can’t do it”.

But maths can be enormously satisfying for children – and when they get it their confidence soars.

So what can you do to really help your child enjoy maths?

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Government must get early years education right

May 11 2013

Now that the Liberal Democrats have come out against increasing childcare ratios, I hope the government will stop and think very carefully about their proposals to increase staff: children ratios in nurseries across the country. Saving money at this crucial stage in our children’s development could have grave consequences not only for our children’s lives but for society as a whole.

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