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A song and a massage in Spanish

Dec 06 2014

As a massage therapist I love ‘Story Massage‘ and as a language teacher I love ‘Story massage’. I understand and love the theory of it.
But although I know the theory I have still been so surprised to see how my children have taken to the whole idea!
When they are getting on each others’ nerves I can now sometimes say ‘why don’t you give each other a massage’ and not always, but sometimes, they do just stop and sing a song or tell each other a story while they do a massage on each others’ back. And then the mood changes drastically. They are calm, happy and laughing together within a few seconds.

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Spanish mumpreneurs

Dec 04 2014

Spanish Mumpreneurs? Spanish women entrepreneurs- using Spanish to better your business is not all there is to it….

So here I am for the past three years giving my dream a go.

My background in Psychology, Social Work, Youth Work, supporting children with disabilities, Massage Therapy and now lots of Language Teaching. Oh the magic of languages!

I grew up bilingual (Spanish- English) and love both cultures as my own. I read once that what is amazing about living between cultures is that you can free yourself from the negatives of both! I love that thought even though I am not sure it is true… I am working on it.

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A heartfelt Heart for Tsunami victims

Jul 19 2014

Although it was back in 2011 that we were all horrified at the effects of the Tsunami in Japan we tend to then forget it happened and move on but the wounds it caused in people and spaces are just starting to heal.

I recently met Mary Atkinson who has been really involved in bringing some healing to Japan in the simplest yet most powerful way, through human touch. She has been a complete inspiration to me.

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The magic of the Positive Touch

Jul 02 2014

As well as teaching Spanish one of my other ‘hats’ is being a ‘Massage in Schools Instructor’.

Having attended the recent MISA two day conference with newly found inspiration and in light of languages becoming compulsory in Primary schools from September it is the perfect timing to come up with some Positive Touch ideas to use in the classroom at the same time as practising a second language.

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Learning languages: For children to learn a language we need to stick to it!

Jun 14 2014

Learning languages is finally getting some recognition in primary schools with the introduction of compulsory languages at Key Stage 2 from September.

However, this is a very lose arrangement and the specifications of what this means are left very open for schools to interpret. The new framework for languages mentions being able to communicate and write, understand the grammar, speaking with good pronunciation and makes a strong point for authentic material being used. There isn’t much guidance or resources out there but schools are doing what they can and it is a step in the right direction.

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