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A new way to be among “those who nose Fulham”

Sep 23 2014

Two Fulham mothers with a nose for entrepreneurial ideas have just launched “Those Who Nose Fulham”, a newsletter listing things to do in Fulham.

We were frustrated of only hearing about some great event happening on our doorstep when it was too late and of not knowing there was a Chelsea match and getting stuck in traffic” says Lara Soetekouw, who founded the site together with Claudine Church. “We wished somebody would alert us with an email.  When we looked around and couldn’t find that somebody we decided to do it ourselves“.

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Career opportunity: What to help an ethical online store of children’s clothes grow?

Jun 25 2014

Did you ever wish you could have a new career opportunity and a more positive impact on the world with your work?  Moved by just that desire three years ago I had a fabulous idea, quit my job as a management consultant and created Big Blue Cuddle, an online store of baby and children’s clothes that introduces new brands in the UK and raises funds for children charities at the same time.

I now want to grow the business and I’m looking for others to come on board and help me realize the business’ full potential.

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