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7 Foods to Help You Sleep Better

Jun 21 2014

Running around after your child can be exhausting, but staying up and worrying could deprive you of needed sleep. You don’t want to take medications for they may put you out in a way that doesn’t allow you to awake if your newborn is crying. However, there are several foods that actually help in promoting sleep that isn’t harmful to yourself or your breastfeeding baby.

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How the Day Care of a Child Can Affect Sleep

May 05 2014

Setting consistent bedtimes and creating a night time ritual isn’t always enough to ensure that children (and parents!) can get a great night of sleep. The foundation for a solid rest starts during the day time. Working with your spouse, your childcare provider, and yourself to make sure that your child gets a full night’s rest is imperative to keeping babies and parents happy.

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Benefits of Having Children Help You Cook

Apr 12 2014
Cooking with your children

Cooking with your children can have many benefits for their development. It is a practical skill that has been passed down for eons. Without knowing how to cook or prepare foods, humankind wouldn’t be able to survive. Aside from teaching the children a useful and practical skill, what other benefits can be derived from the activity?

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Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Mar 14 2014

For many parents, it’s much too easy to simply provide a box of sugar and starch-filled cereal for the children in the morning. While these cereals may taste good, the body needs more than what a lot of these breakfasts can provide. What kind of breakfasts can you give the children that are healthy as well as tasty?

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