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Children can nudge green habits for life

Oct 16 2020

Few people realise that when you work with small children, you also engage them with big issues such as climate change.

It’s true, the average three-year-old doesn’t understand the impact of this global crisis but once you make it simple and they grasp the concept, there is no stopping their willingness to help. Harness their pester power and you have allies and ambassadors in equal measure.

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Preparing your child for their return to nursery – and a new normal

Sep 02 2020

Being a parent is great fun but also full of challenges and anxieties.  The rise of social media and easy access to everyone’s opinion cannot help as it’s difficult to extract fact from opinion.  Never was this more alive than during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.  It was compounded by the Government guidance continually changing as they discovered new information.

We have about two million families in England with children aged under five, and nearly 87% of them use some form of formal childcare. What did they say about their lockdown.  It is a mixed picture.  Some families loved the experience of lockdown and had a ball, others didn’t do so well.  For some parents’ lockdown started fine but, as the weeks ran into months, pressure soon mounted and they began to burnout.  Parents working from home with small children found it very stressful and said they were exhausted and used the “screen” as a babysitter more than normally to try and get some work done. There were tussles as to the parent roster? Who did more of the childcare? Whose job could be done at night? Whose Zoom call was more pressing?  Double demands if you were a single parent.

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Will they hug my child?

Jun 17 2020

The image of a three-year-old standing in the middle of a Hula Hoop in order to social distance jars uncomfortably with the Early Years teacher. It challenges the idea of attachment which is one of the first child development theories all Early Years teachers learn as students. From the early work of British Psychologist, John Bowlby to modern neuroscientists such as Alison Gopnik we learn that creating a safe haven, where children can test their emotional boundaries supported by warm, sensitive and reassuring adults is crucial for children to develop healthy attachments and a powerful predictor of a child’s later social and emotional outcome. The theories of attachment have resulted in nursery practice which include the settling in procedure, the role of the “key person”, and the importance of transition.

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