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5 Powerful Tips On How To Beat Postnatal Depression

Feb 12 2020

Most people have heard of postnatal depression (PND) only on a theoretical level. Likely, they perceive it as something that does not concern them (of course, unless they have a personal experience with it or a loved one who suffered or is suffering from this illness).

I perceived it the same way until it hit me hard. So hard that I ended up being on the verge between life and death.

That is when I understood very quickly that postnatal depression concerns every parent, regardless of their age, gender, mental health history, or lifestyle.

Now, what actually is postnatal depression?

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3 Powerful Tips On How To Enjoy Christmas Even If You Don’t Feel Like It!

Dec 23 2019

Ok, so this is the first Christmas with our boys that we seem to will have actually enjoyed! But let’s start at the beginning…

My name is Ivana (or less formally, Ivanka) and I am a mum to two gorgeous twin boys Mason and Henry. I love them so much it hurts but girl, they can drive me mad sometimes!

But that’s motherhood, isn’t it? Some days you burst with love and happiness, other days you burst with anger or stress… However, what I love about it is that love always wins. Regardless of how long or intense the battle is, love always comes out of it as an invincible winner. 

I have not always felt this way, though. The first few months of motherhood I had a battle with postnatal depression which was frankly the toughest battle of my life and something I hope to never go through again!

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True colours of early motherhood

Apr 18 2018

The moment a woman finds out that she is pregnant, she sees her whole future flash in front of her eyes. It is one of those moments when she experiences the most diversified emotions. Beautiful and scary at the same time. 

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