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Film Review: Rosie out on 8th March 2019

Feb 20 2019

Rosie is an intimate portrayal of a woman struggling to keep her family together. The urgently relevant subject matter of homelessness and the housing crisis is well-handled, and makes what could be an overly sentimental or political film into something relatable, human and deeply moving. 

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Movie Review: Mary Queen of Scots

Jan 03 2019

Mary Queen of Scots is a brilliant and timely film about what it means to be a woman with power. Excellently crafted and beautifully told this film is sure to do well this awards season. It is released in UK cinemas on 18 January 2019. Read my review in which I explain why I believe Mary Queen of Scots is an unmissable film and a great one to start the new year. 

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Film Review: The Little Stranger

Sep 26 2018

The Little Stranger is a hugely anticipated adaptation of Sarah Waters’ acclaimed novel of the same name. Incredible performances, beautiful scenery and creepy sound effects create an atmospheric, chilling and captivating film that will stay with you long after the credits. 

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Film Review: Donkeyote

Sep 20 2018

Donkeyote is an award-winning documentary about the frail Manolo from Southern Spain who loves animals and nature walks with his donkey. A movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon this Autumn. 

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Film Review: The Rider out on 14 September 2018

Aug 05 2018

A heads up for a new movie, The Rider, a docu-drama written and directed by Chloe Zhao, out this September. 

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