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Is your baby coming up to weaning age? What you need to know!

Feb 19 2015

You have just about got in to a routine with your baby but before you know it the next big phase is lurking around the corner and soon you will need to introduce your baby to food.

For some this can be incredibly exciting but for others it can also be terrifying. There is so much conflicting information about weaning – the how and the when – it is no wonder that many of you end up getting confused.

Here are the really important things on weaning you need to know and the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Pregnancy cravings – what do they really mean?

Dec 23 2014
pregnant woman caressing her tummy while watching nutrients on the kitchen table

As soon as you fall pregnant, apart from questions about morning sickness and whether you’re going to find out ‘what you’re having’, have you had any cravings yet?, is one of the top questions that people ask.

As a nutritionist and mum of two, I have come across many different pregnancy cravings, but it’s not necessarily the flavour combinations or feeling like you need something sweet that is worth paying attention to. Our bodies are very clever and signalling with cravings is its way of making sure that you and your baby are getting the nutrients you need.

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Fussy eaters – Should we be worried?

Sep 03 2014

Having a fussy eating child can be extremely stressful. As a family nutritionist I have seen many parents in tears over this issue and most of my initial consultations are spent reassuring them that they are not bad parents and have not really done anything wrong. Cue a big surge of relief being lifted from their heavily burdened shoulders.

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