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Future Films Heads Up: SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE Sneak Preview on new DVD

Nov 05 2014

If you simply can’t wait for Shaun The Sheep:The Movie – and it’s not due in cinemas until February 2015, so who can blame you? – then here’s a way of getting an exclusive sneak peek.  Better still, it comes complete with some of the best adventures from the nation’s favourite woolly jumper!

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Film review: The Maze Runner

Oct 06 2014

The second half of this year has seen the arrival of a new genre at the cinema. The Y A movie.  Translated, this means films aimed at Young Adults, and they’ve all been based on successful books written for the same audience. The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, If I Stay and, most recently, The Giver, are the most recent and some of them have been big hits at the box office, The Fault In Our Stars especially.

The latest one, The Maze Runner, arrives this Friday.  Having already made it to the top of the American box office, it looks like doing well over here – and plans for part two of the trilogy have already been well-publicised.  So is it just a prequel or does it bring something new to the Y A party?

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Future Films Heads Up: Hugh Bonneville’s Paddington

Oct 05 2014

The first sighting of Paddington was back in June – the big screen version of a certain Peruvian bear, that is.  Then there was all the kerfuffle surrounding the loss of his Colin Firth voice and its replacement by a Ben Whishaw one.  So, with the release date of 28 November creeping ever closer, a select group of film writers – me included! – was summonsed to a screening room in Soho for a preview screening of footage from the film.

That, in itself, was enough to get me there, but at the eleventh hour it was announced that we’d be in the presence of the aristocracy. OK, fictional aristocracy, because Hugh Bonneville, who plays Mr Brown in the film, was taking time off from Downton to host the whole shebang.  And a very nice tan he was sporting as well!

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Film review: Soul Boys Of The Western World

Sep 27 2014

You might have noticed that our Editor, Monica Costa, can’t wait for Tuesday’s European Premiere of the Spandau Ballet documentary, Soul Boys Of The Western World, at the Royal Albert Hall.  It’ll be followed by a performance from the band themselves – and, if you can’t make it to the Royal Albert Hall, don’t worry. The film and the concert are being simultaneously screened in at least 24 London cinemas that night.  And that’s all before it’s released on Friday, 3 October 2014!

So, if you’re thinking of going, what should you expect? It is just one for the fans, or do the boys strike a bigger, and louder, chord?

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Future Films Heads Up: Big Hero 6 / Feast

Sep 25 2014

Back in May, we brought you a sneak preview of Disney’s next big animation, Big Hero 6.  The film eventually opens in the UK on 30 January next year but, as a taster, I went along this week to a screening of some preview footage, hosted by the film’s producer, Ray Conli.

And that was where I met my new best friend, Baymax.

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