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Head Injuries – What to do and when to get help

Nov 13 2013

Fortunately, most falls or blows to the head result in injury to the scalp only, which is usually more frightening than life threatening – the head and face are very vascular and consequently injuries bleed profusely and can be very scary! An internal head injury may have more serious implications because it could cause damage to the brain.

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Whooping Cough – what it is and how to recognise it

Nov 11 2013

Pregnant women are currently being advised to be vaccinated against Whooping cough as there has been a recent rise in cases and 9 newborn babies have died this year.

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First Aid and fireworks

Oct 31 2013

Firework Advice and First Aid tips should something go wrong

Over a four week period around November 5th more than 1,000 people are likely to suffer injuries due to fireworks. Of these accidents, nearly 600 are likely to occur at home or private parties and nearly 400 accidents are likely to  involve children under the age of 13*.

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First aid: How to help if your child is unconscious

Sep 18 2013

Would you know what to do if your child was unconscious or stopped breathing?

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Burns – what to do

Jun 17 2013

Burns can happen suddenly and the pain and damage caused can be devastating. Knowing what to do if this should happen can make a massive difference in reducing the amount of pain and scarring experienced and may avoid them having any tissue damage at all.

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