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First aid: Road Traffic Accidents – how to help

Mar 16 2014

Road Traffic accidents – how to help!

On the 11th November there will be a National Road Safety Seminar and the Government has launched an excellent designed for children and teenagers to make them more aware of the dangers on the road.

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Cycling is safer than travelling by car!

Feb 02 2014

UCL published a fascinating study which concluded that Young men in England who drive, face an almost five times greater risk of being hurt per hour than those who ride a bike.

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Why is Michael Schumacher in a coma? He appeared ok one minute and in a coma the next

Jan 16 2014

Michael Schumacher is in a coma following the head injury he sustained whilst skiing; however we were told that he was only unconscious for a few seconds, seemed ok when he came round and it wasn’t until later that he collapsed. How could this happen and what is the First Aid treatment following a head injury?

Schumacher had a traumatic brain injury following his head injury; an injury like this can occur as a result of a blow or jolt to the head and can result in permanent or temporary damage to the brain. It is the leading cause of disability and death in people under 45.

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What to put in your First Aid kit

Dec 10 2013

First Aid kits need to be easily accessible in case an emergency situation arises. The kit should be well organised, ideally in a bag with compartments to allow you to quickly grab what you need. It is most important that the kits contents are good quality – often cheap kits will not be of sufficient quality should you need to use them.

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When to call an ambulance

Dec 06 2013

We are continually alarmed as to the extreme pressure the NHS emergency services are under and the importance of utilising these stretched resources for the right emergencies. But it is incredibly difficult to judge whether the medical emergency in front of us, is sufficiently life threatening to warrant an ambulance, or if we would be better to drive them to A&E or to go to the GP.

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