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First Aid for Bumps and Bruises

May 14 2015

This article covers the important topic of first Aid for bumps and bruises. It is a vital part of children’s development learning to take measured risks and this means it is almost inevitable that they will hurt themselves. Most of these bumps and bruises will be minor, but it is vital that parents and carers have the skills and confidence to swiftly assess how seriously they are injured.

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First aid: Preventing Halloween horrors

Oct 21 2014

Like it or not; Halloween has now become a major event and excitement in the UK. Our family have always had great fun and it is really special to dress up, go out in the dark and be rewarded by bucket loads of gooey sweets. However please be careful as Halloween is not without its dangers!

Trick or Treat should start with basic ground rules: if someone has a pumpkin and Halloween paraphernalia outside their house then it is fair game to knock on their door – if not please respect their privacy and leave them alone.

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Nose Bleeds – how to help

Jun 28 2014

Small children frequently get nose bleeds as they have small blood vessels in their noses which dilate and burst when they get warm, this is particularly likely in warm weather, when they are rushing around, or at night when they snuggle under the bed clothes. Children often pick and poke their noses and are prone to running into things, all of which can result in bleeding noses.

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The importance of teaching First Aid skills to young people

Apr 24 2014
teach first aid skills to young people

Here we are explaining the importance of teaching First Aid skills to young people.

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First aid: Road Traffic Accidents – how to help

Mar 16 2014

Road Traffic accidents – how to help!

On the 11th November there will be a National Road Safety Seminar and the Government has launched an excellent designed for children and teenagers to make them more aware of the dangers on the road.

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