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8 Top tips to keep yourself and family safe when driving

Nov 24 2017

Between June 2016 – June 2017 there were 27,130 people killed or seriously injured as the result of road accidents. In most EU countries, people learn first aid as a mandatory element of their driving tests. However, in the UK first aid training is not an integral part of the test, meaning most drivers involved in accidents are likely to be completely powerless to help in any road traffic accidents they may be involved in.

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Autumn Safety Guide – Keeping safe around Fireworks

Oct 27 2017

As the leaves begin to fall and autumn descends the excitement of Trick or Treating and Fireworks mounts for little ones. However, dark evenings and over-excited children can be a recipe for disaster and it is advisable to plan ahead to ensure everyone remains safe:

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How Safe is Your Home?

Jun 03 2017

The health and happiness of children in our care is of vital importance to us and we always do our best to keep them safe. However, every year around 2 million children attend A&E due to accidents and more children die each year due to accidents than from illnesses such as leukaemia or meningitis.


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Febrile Convulsions

Jan 22 2017

Imagine how you would feel if your child suddenly went rigid, became totally unresponsive and started to twitch in front of you. Febrile convulsions are the most common kind of seizure and can be incredibly frightening. They occur most frequently in babies and young children who are unwell and have a rising body temperature, which results in them fitting. They are remarkably common, affecting 2-5% of children under five years.

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Firework Advice and First Aid tips should something go wrong

Oct 28 2016
Firework safety FirstAidforLife

Firework Advice and First Aid tips should something go wrong

Each year more than 1,000 people suffer injuries due to fireworks during the four-week period around bonfire night. 60% of these occur at home or at private parties and 40% involve children. *

The safest way to enjoy fireworks is by going to an organised public display. You should only set fireworks off at home if you have enough room in your garden to burn them and for people to stand a safe distance away. When purchasing fireworks, you should always check that they are suitable for your garden and that they conform to British Standards (BS 7114; 1998).

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