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Firework safety and keeping children safe at Halloween and Bonfire Night

Oct 21 2019
Firework safety and keeping children safe at Halloween

Halloween and Bonfire night are two events eagerly anticipated by many and dreaded by others. Scarily this time of year always results in a surge in road accidents, sharps injuries and burns. Let’s try and make this year safer. Please read our tips on firework safety to try and make this time of year memorable for all the right reasons. 

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Your baby’s skin is 15 times thinner than yours! Protect your little one from UV rays this summer

Jun 28 2019

Sunburn at a young age increases the chances of melanoma (skin cancer) in later life by 80%. You need to be sure you’re properly protecting your little one’s sensitive skin.

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As Teenagers Gain Independence, Teach Them First Aid

May 12 2019

With independence comes responsibility. You can’t, and shouldn’t, prevent your teen from experimenting and adventuring whilst young. However, you can provide them with the tools to combat any potential accident they or a friend faces. 

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New baby? Get to know these first aid basics

May 11 2019

If, like the Sussex’s, you are also enjoying the challenge of a new baby, here are some.

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An interview with Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life

Mar 24 2019
Emma Hammett First Aid for Life

I am Emma Hammett and I have been a contributor at the London Mums magazine for many years now. Here’s is a little bit about me in an interview I did with the editor Monica Costa. I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions about First Aid, please do not hesitate to email me. 

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