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Travelling with children and essential holiday first aid advice

Jun 11 2022

Travelling with a baby or toddler for the first time can be daunting and exhausting experience. Here are some top tips and practical advice to help smooth the way for a happy and healthy holiday.

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Enhanced Mental Health First Aid for Children and Young People

Oct 29 2021
First Aid for Life

First Aid for Life has partnered with clinicians from the Maudsley Hospital to provide unique, enhanced Mental Health First Aid training. This is delivered as blended learning with e-learning as pre-learning and a live, virtual day run by Maudsley Hospital clinicians through Maudsley Learning. The focus is on offering transferable skills to de-escalate situations, help manage challenging behaviour as well as providing a clear framework to help someone struggling with their mental health and a wealth of resources too.

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Vital First Aid tips for parents!

Feb 15 2021
First Aid for Life

Keeping your loved one safe: Unfortunately, children are extremely likely to become injured from some form of accident at home.  

RoSPA report that around 6,000 people die from accidents at home every year. 

One of the most distressing elements is that most of these accidents could have been prevented. Learning basic first aid can help you recognise possible accident hotspots and understand how to better protect your child at home.

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Covid vaccines – all you need to know

Jan 28 2021

Throughout lockdown First Aid for Life will run as normal, holding both practical and online First Aid courses. Our team are still here for you and we will support you as you need. As a registered nurse in the midst of this crisis, I wanted to do my bit to help. The vaccination programme is critical to us emerging and rebuilding our lives and so I volunteered as a vaccinator.

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Which mask will best protect me from Covid19?

May 02 2020

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 continue to rise and take lives. Preventing the spread of coronavirus is paramount and everyone has a part to play in this. Face masks, gloves and other protective equipment can help stop the spread of coronavirus – but only in the right circumstances. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a mask, it is important to know how well they will protect you. If you decide to make one at home, we will help with some advice.

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