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First aid: Responding to head injuries in sport

Feb 03 2024
First Aid for Life

There is increasing evidence demonstrating the proven correlation between repeated head injuries in football and dementia: former professional footballers are 3.5 times more likely to die of dementia and other serious neurological diseases. As such, coaches and parents must be aware of the risks surrounding head injuries, and what to do if a player experiences one.

When most people bang their heads, it can be difficult to tell whether they have done any serious damage. Most head injuries are not serious, but severe or repeated injuries can cause damage to the brain.

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How to help whilst waiting for an ambulance

Feb 05 2023
Instructions on how To Help unconscious people before ambulance arrival

If you are first on the scene and find someone who has collapsed or had an accident, what you do in those first minutes is critical.

Ambulance target time to get to a life-threatening emergency within eight minutes. However, in the current climate, this is just not happening and even with life-threatening emergencies you may be waiting considerably longer. The first aid you give whilst waiting for the ambulance often means the difference between life and death. At the moment the NHS is under increasing strain and the UK’s ambulance service is under more pressure than ever. The London Ambulance Service is currently receiving more than 8,000 emergency calls a day.  In addition, many of their teams are stuck in A&E trying to handover patients.

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Travelling with children and essential holiday first aid advice

Jun 11 2022

Travelling with a baby or toddler for the first time can be daunting and exhausting experience. Here are some top tips and practical advice to help smooth the way for a happy and healthy holiday.

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Enhanced Mental Health First Aid for Children and Young People

Oct 29 2021
First Aid for Life

First Aid for Life has partnered with clinicians from the Maudsley Hospital to provide unique, enhanced Mental Health First Aid training. This is delivered as blended learning with e-learning as pre-learning and a live, virtual day run by Maudsley Hospital clinicians through Maudsley Learning. The focus is on offering transferable skills to de-escalate situations, help manage challenging behaviour as well as providing a clear framework to help someone struggling with their mental health and a wealth of resources too.

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Vital First Aid tips for parents!

Feb 15 2021
First Aid for Life

Keeping your loved one safe: Unfortunately, children are extremely likely to become injured from some form of accident at home.  

RoSPA report that around 6,000 people die from accidents at home every year. 

One of the most distressing elements is that most of these accidents could have been prevented. Learning basic first aid can help you recognise possible accident hotspots and understand how to better protect your child at home.

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