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Two weeks’ diet to lose the Winter pounds & enjoy a slimmer Summer!

Jul 03 2017

Nutritionist and fat loss mentor, Fiona Kirk knows and understands that during the warmer months when we can’t cover up the excess pounds with baggy jumpers and generous jackets can see us despairing of our slightly-expanded waistlines so has a diet plan designed to turn the fat burning furnace up a notch or two and see some very satisfying results!

Her New 2 Weeks in the Fast Lane diet offers the chance to lose up to 10 pounds in weight, 4 pounds of stubborn fat whilst shaving inches off hips, bums and bellies in just 14 days by making a number of easy-to-adopt changes to eating, exercising, shopping, cooking and sleeping habits – here’s a short video to give you a flavour…

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Valentines Healthy Recipes

Feb 13 2017

Valentine meal do not need to be super fatty and calorie rich to be yummy. Here are London Mums favourite Valentines Healthy Recipes.

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Are You in the Mood For Love? Aphrodisiac foods for Valentine

Feb 05 2016

The hormones testosterone, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin play an important role in mood and desire and what you eat can do more than you might image to heighten both for a memorable Valentines Day! Here are some quick, easy and delicious suggestions, most of which can be eaten with your fingers – the very last thing you need on the 14th Feb is a load of washing up!

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Clean up Your Diet and Give Your Liver Some Love!

Jan 02 2016
juices and smoothies

Firstly, let’s be clear on a couple of things! Your liver is perfectly capable of doing its own detoxification on a daily basis if your health and your diet are reasonably good. It doesn’t need all manner of weird concoctions or foods that are expensive and almost impossible to find off the shelf to give it a boost. In fact, adopting some kind of detox programme that promises to seriously boost the detoxification process can not only make you feel worse than dreadful but can also be damaging to your health so should not be embarked upon unless you have been diagnosed with a health condition that compromises detoxification and only then with the aid of a professional.

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How to Lose a Stone in 2 Weeks and Feel Great! Recipes included!

Feb 01 2015

Is your diet letting you down? Did you embark on a new eating and exercise programme with gusto at the turn of the year but it’s stopped working? If so, you are not alone! Quick fix diets are a great way to achieve early success which motivates us to keep going but many involve strict regimes with little flexibility and can be a hard slog.

I am a Nutritionist and author of 2 Weeks in the Super Fast Lane and I believe the answer here is to make a super quick U turn before motivation deserts us. Here are my tips on how to Lose a Stone in 2 Weeks.

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