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Manners are everything – Top tips for parents (however old their children) & for well-mannered children

May 25 2016

Most adults appreciate a child with manners, in fact everyone appreciates manners. Who wouldn’t like to know that their child is polite and helpful when they aren’t around!

Having good manners is part of being a responsible and respectful human being. It’s about not only looking out for yourself and in many cases putting someone else first.

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Children and wedding – Ways to keep children at weddings happy

Apr 17 2014
children at weddings

The wedding season is almost upon us! Regardless of how detailed your wedding planning is, there is one thing you cannot control. And no, I do not mean the weather, because umbrellas can take care of that – I’m referring to having children at weddings. Some brides plan separate games for kids in order to keep them occupied, while some opt out of inviting them all together.

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Don’t let your bump push you out of your boardroom

Dec 30 2013

Read our top tips for mothers returning to work after maternity leave or an extended career break after having children.

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Educational fun for the whole family

Dec 05 2013

Parents always wonder how they can keep their children involved in educational activities over the school holidays or even throughout the school term.
The more involved everyone gets the less likely you’re chlid will feel like they are being punished or being treated differently. Using expressions like “it’s time to work on”, or “you’re not working hard enough” will cause your child to back off and want nothing to do with your projects.

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Caring for your children is one thing but elderly parents need care and attention too

Nov 19 2013

Caring for your children is a pleasure and a challenge, and just when you think you know what you’re doing, you reach an age where your parents need more care and attention too.
Those of us who are having children now are among a group of people called the Sandwich Generation – we are caring for two groups of people at the same time, and most of us are holding down jobs at the same time.

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